Software recognizes topics of conversation faster than humans

25.05.2021 · Berlin / Düsseldorf
  • i2x further develops its AI-based speech analytics and training platform, together with Vodafone
  • Detailed (real-time) analyses and intelligent topic identification for the success of companies and agents
  • For telephone calls: real-time advice and assistance from intelligent “advisor”
  • i2x has already been successfully in use at Vodafone since 2018

Market leader for intelligent real-time communication analysis and coaching, takes a step further in the direction of human-like intelligence with its latest software extension for automatic call topic recognition in cooperation with Vodafone. i2x provides agents in call centers with a reliable and intelligent partner who makes the customer conversation successful through individual feedback and coaching in real time. With the help of i2x, companies ensure quality in call centers, increase their revenues and at the same time develop their agents in a targeted manner, thus promoting their satisfaction.

Real-time coaching and intelligent topic identification

In use at the Vodafone service, i2x analyzes the content of the conversation in a record time of less than 0.5 seconds during the call. On this basis, the software reliably recognizes the topic of the conversation (automatic call topic recognition). By way of comparison, even the human brain usually takes longer than 0.5 seconds to understand complex linguistic contexts. Depending on the topic of the conversation, the software makes suggestions to make the customer conversation more successful. For example, the AI indicates which phrases agents should add or avoid on certain topics.

“With i2x, we have the opportunity to provide our call center employees with individual support and coaching, which would otherwise be difficult to provide. Since using the software in 2018, we have observed how much i2x has increased the satisfaction of our agents. Especially in times of Corona and home office, the users feel better supported,” says Sandra Döring, Senior Quality Manager Telesales, Vodafone. “Furthermore, it is important for us as a company to continuously optimize our service quality and further increase our customer satisfaction. That’s why we are pleased to continue investing in this topic together with i2x in the future.”

Detailed analyses for the success of agents and companies

With the new software extension, companies identify the topics of all calls, cluster them and derive trend topics from them. They can also analyze which agents handle which topics most successfully on the basis of days, weeks or months and use these for best practices. Likewise, companies can evaluate in which areas agents have difficulties in order to conduct targeted training in these areas via the software. The results of the comprehensive analysis options also help companies in the composition of their teams in call centers, as the strengths and weaknesses of employees can be combined in a targeted manner.

“In a successful collaboration with Vodafone, we have taken the speech analysis and training capabilities of our software to a new level with the latest enhancements. Objectified trend detection is not only an important step in post-call analysis, but also allows near-real-time trends to be identified for same-day response,”

Stefan Walther, Chief Technology Officer i2x.

Vodafone and i2x have already been cooperating since 2018. i2x is also a member of the startup program Vodafone UPLIFT, which supports young, innovative companies with marketing and a growing ecosystem to help them scale.

About i2x

i2x is the market leader for automated real-time communication analysis and training based on its proprietary speech recognition technology for the German and English languages. Users can analyze complex conversations in real time with the use of artificial intelligence. i2x automatically generates training sessions for the user that are tailored to individual areas of development in order to optimize sales and service conversations. This makes i2x the first speech recognition and training technology of its kind in the world. Employees and self-employed professionals can use the speech recognition technology to transcribe phone calls and evaluate voices, moods and speech patterns of the conversations, with the help of machine learning. i2x helps sales and service employees improve their conversion rate, increase customer satisfaction and reduce training time.

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