Most Popular Customer Channel: Telephone

Financial Services
Increase of customer satisfaction rate (CSAT) by up to 30%

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

Increase of customer satisfaction rate (CSAT) by up to 30%


When it’s about finances, customers want a competent and personal counterpart and exceptional service. Familiar channels are preferred. In German-speaking countries, more than 50% of contacts are made by telephone.


Contact on the phone is therefore the most important and personal channel for meeting customers’ service expectations. How do I ensure professional and high-quality telephone consulting when the number of telephone inquiries is increasing but the coaching opportunities are decreasing, for example due to increased working from home?


i2x offers you a coach supporting each of your agents in every telephone call, without additional personnel expenses and independent of location. Our real-time trainer is an AI-based application on the desktop that supports the agent, distraction-free during the call. All important parameters of the conversation are summarized on a small but clear area.

On the one hand, agents are shown positive word groups they should use. In case of formulations that do not correspond to the corporate language, or in the case of annoying syllable or word repetitions, the agent’s attention is also drawn to this. Additionally, it is possible to display conversation guides for different use cases to the agents to give them more confidence in the conversation. Within a few weeks, the quality of communication with your customers increases significantly. The best part – it stays at this high quality level, as our i2x Assistant also stays constantly by your agents’ side.

In addition to the real-time coaching, we transcribe and analyze all of your calls. Directly after the conversation, all data is available in a comprehensive analysis tool. The detailed breakdown allows best practices to be identified and shared with the entire team. Additionally, pitfalls in conversations are identified and training measures can be planned in a more targeted manner. This ensures a steady increase in the quality of conversations.