Multi-Channel Communication

Increase the quality of customer service on the phone

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

The usage of positively influencing keywords is increased by 50%


Customer needs have increased in terms of service and quality. Your customers expect a wide range of options for contacting you in the event of a claim. In order to be accepted as a reliable and transparent partner, the decisive factor is a coherent and integrated sales and communication strategy that includes all relevant channels.


Bad customer contact often determines whether your customer’s willingness to switch increases. Comprehensive quality analysis for your website or app are no longer a problem. The quality of customer contact on the phone, however, can only be assessed on a random basis and evaluated in a few areas with a great deal of effort. In the majority of cases, agent-customer interaction is a black box that is difficult to influence and control.


With the i2x digital real-time coach, you can record, transcribe and analyze all your calls for the first time. So, you open the black box of customer contacts over the phone and you can support every agent to implement your company’s communication and quality guidelines. Your agents receive real-time feedback about

  • which (pre-defined by you) keywords should be used
  • which words should be avoided in customer communication
  • if they use too many filler words (“um”, “but”)
  • if they talk too quickly or too quietly
  • if they let the customer finish talking

You increase usage of positively influencing keywords by 50% with our self-learning AI system. Your employees get to the point faster and the call duration per customer decreases. The integrated sales and communication strategy can be secured by using the i2x solution and can be implemented in an objectively verifiable manner by all agents, even on the phone.