Shortage of Junior Staff

Cost savings in recruiting and coaching of up to 20%.

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

Cost savings in recruiting and coaching of up to 20%.


In the event of damage, your customers can expect to find top-trained specialists in your service center who will help solve the problem competently, quickly and transparently. Customer proximity through personal contact, high quality of advice on all channels, and speed in claims management are essential building blocks for successful customer service.


Growing challenges for employers consist of finding motivated employees, training them professionally and continuously, and ultimately, retaining them.

Top issues for the insurance industry in the next few years will definitely be employee recruitment, employee development and employee retention.  


With the i2x real-time coach you offer motivating extra support to your employees with continuous support and training in every call. For you, this means shorter basic agent training and faster employee onboarding. The seamless training significantly increases the coaching efficiency with less personnel and time expenditure.

Your employees receive direct real-time feedback as well as a digital conversation guide in every conversation. They receive objective performance feedback, gain greater confidence through continuous feedback during the calls and maximize their target achievement. The i2x solution has a proven agent acceptance rate of more than 95%.

Through continuous real-time support and the software’s objective feedback, the employee satisfaction increases and the turnover rates decrease. Thanks to objective and data-based analysis options, the training time for new employees is reduced by up to 50%. Additionally, there are cost savings in recruiting and coaching of up to 20%.