New Normal: Hybrid Work

Financial Services
Increase of employee satisfaction (eNPS) by up to 15%

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

Increase of employee satisfaction (eNPS) by up to 15%


In the last two years, many things in the professional world have changed fundamentally. The most profound change was the necessity to work from home for many employees. Customer service representatives no longer sit side by side with colleagues and in a team at one location, instead they’re on their own at home.


Working from home brings along many challenges. There is no team leader accompanying daily work. No colleague is available for advice or best practices. But if I can’t consult with the team, my colleagues or the coach, how do I know as an agent: “Am I actually doing everything right?”


With the i2x real-time coach, your customer service representatives have a professional companion at their side, which supports them in every call. The desktop application is manageable, can be positioned individually and works completely distraction-free and without additional effort for the customer service representative. In every call, important tips and topics are suggested to the customer service representative. This way, the employee receives a supportive structure and crucial advice for a successful conversation. This happens in real-time while the employee is talking with the customer. So the input doesn’t happen at the end of the workday or in the monthly coaching session when the phone calls are long out of mind.

Particularly in the case of very challenging telephone calls, this gives the agent confidence and professionalism in the conversation. In addition to the real-time coaching, all conversations are recorded and transcribed. Difficult sections can later be listened to by the agent to figure out where the problems were and what can be improved next time. For team leads, these recordings offer the possibility to get objective feedback about telephone conversations, for example if a customer has a complaint. No agent is defenseless against allegations and accusations. The objective and comprehensive feedback during the call and the downstream real-time analysis of all calls increase and secure the quality of customer interaction.