Reduction in Branch Networks

Financial Services
Increase of training measures

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

Significant increase of first call resolution rate (FCR) to over 90% and increase of training measures


Financing needs service to explain complex relationships in an understandable way. This is why human contact is so important. However, the presence of bank branches is steadily decreasing. In rural areas and in structurally weak regions, these contact points are disappearing altogether, and if they still exist, counter hours are being massively cut. 


When it comes to sensitive issues such as capital, people need to know that they have a competent partner at their side. When it comes to money, customers want a personal conversation in which the financial services provider takes the time to answer questions comprehensively and individually. Due to branch closures, the phone conversation becomes the most important channel for customer contact because it is available all the time. In this situation, it is all the more important that the customer service representative guides the call confidently, competently and patiently and that no mistakes are made even with sensitive, data protection-related queries.


The key to your success is to increase your training efforts. With the i2x software solution, you can do this without being tied to a specific location and without requiring additional personnel from your training staff. We provide you and your customer service representatives a strong two-pillar model.

The first pillar is the direct and continuous support by the i2x Assistant. Coaching takes place in real-time via the desktop application in every call. On the one hand, your customer service representatives can see which phrases and word groups should be avoided in order to create a good conversational atmosphere. On the other hand, there’s a list of keywords shown to the agents to promote customer satisfaction and to maximize their goal achievement. All keywords can be set individually for each team and each part of the company. In addition, conversation guides can be displayed to the agents in order not to forget any relevant points in the data query. Through daily coaching, employee competence increases significantly and remains at a very high level due to the permanent training.

The second pillar is the comprehensive post call analysis. For this purpose, every call is recorded and transcribed. All data is available in real-time as well. Filters can be used to search for frequently mentioned topics, difficult calls or best practices without any effort. These comprehensive analysis options make it easy to implement further, need-based training measures or topic screening.