State-Of-The-Art Speech Coaching & Training

We work in
REAL-TIME & are GDPR-compliant


When we say REAL-TIME
we mean it!

Our i2x assistant accompanies your employees and coaches them with a response time of less than 0.5 seconds. Our tool is actually live and your employees get tips and instructions in real time. We are also unbeatably fast in downstream analysis. All your calls are transcribed and analyzed and you can view all evaluated data on your personal dashboard shortly after the call ends. 


By the way, when we say data protection compliant, we mean it!

What many providers only promise and fail to deliver is our standard. The i2x solution uses a multi-layer security system and stores all data on highly secure data centers in Europe. Of course, the i2x solution is GDPR compliant.


We are your competitive advantage in every call!

Our product combines two approaches into one unbeatable solution. On the one hand, direct guidance and instructions during the call and on the other hand, comprehensive analysis after the call. As a result, every call is handled in a detailed way. Additionally, the quality of the customer contact is continually improved through downstream analysis.

We take communication training to a new level!

i2x real-time training makes the difference!

Coaching as you used to know it

Up until now, there has been weekly or monthly employee coaching as an individual analysis. Individual calls were listened to and the content of the conversation was discussed and evaluated afterwards. This was followed by a recommendation on how to avoid mistakes and on what can be improved. Even if coaching was offered every week, it always consisted only of small sections and snapshots of the moment. Providing 1:1 support for each agent is not financially feasible nor doable for the limited personnel available. But with us, it is!

Real-time coaching with the i2x Assistant

We provide 1:1 coaching, for each of your agents, in every call. That means we coach and analyze 100% of the customer calls of all your agents. Agents are not only spot-checked, but continuously supported in every call. In addition to this, downstream coaching can also be tailored to individual teams in a targeted, data-based way.