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Frequently asked questions

How does i2x improve my phone conversation skills?

Think of i2x as the communication coach you've always wanted. i2x supports you during and after every phone conversation, encourages you with helpful tips and tricks, provides you with real-time, personalized feedback and ensures that you stay on track with your goals.

How does i2x work?

i2x uses artificial intelligence based on machine learning algorithms to keep an ear out for your calls. Together with speech recognition technology, the AI gathers information on your speaking style, such as loudness, speaker ratio and the use of filler words and gives you personalized, instant feedback during and after every call.

How do I make a phone call with i2x?

After installing the i2x desktop application, you're good to go! From this point forward, i2x will automatically detect all incoming and outgoing calls, generate insights and provide feedback. You and your team will continue business as usual, while i2x takes care of the rest.

Does i2x work for incoming calls?

Yes, i2x supports outgoing as well as incoming calls.

Can i2x analyze both sides of a call?

Yes, i2x has the capabilities to analyze both sides of a call. This option varies depending upon the data protection laws in your country.

What telephony systems do you support?

We support all Windows 7+ (or higher) systems, regardless of the VoIP system that is being used.

How does installation work?

We have a quick and easy onboarding process. Our Implementation Team will support the installation of our Windows desktop application for your agents.

What languages does i2x understand?

i2x currently understands English and German conversations, but we are working towards a future where you can have better conversations in many languages. The time required for our system to learn a new one is pretty short, so feel free to share your language wishes and help us prioritize.

In my calls, many specific terms are used. Will i2x understand them?

In general, the i2x automatic speech recognition system understands a wide range of contexts. For business customers, we also offer the development of custom language models that learn your specific vocabulary to ensure a high accuracy.

Will i2x understand my accent/ dialect?

Yes. The i2x automatic speech recognition system is trained on data from real conversations held by diverse people with different accents and dialects. If they are very strong, the transcription accuracy might decrease.

Will i2x interrupt my phone calls?

No. You can choose to receive real-time feedback in the form of actionable advice during the call. However, this is done in a very unintrusive way to guarantee maximum focus on the call at all times. After each call, there is a more in-depth summary of your call.

Will the other person on the phone hear the real time feedback.

No. The real-time feedback is provided in a purely visual form and designed in such a way that distraction is minimized.

What does i2x detect during calls?

i2x detects call characteristics such as your talk-to-listen ratio, speech rate and volume during your conversation. It also listens out for any blacklist words you're trying to avoid and how many times you said them. In addition, there are many more potential features that we are testing at the moment.

Can I see my progress over time?

Yes. We offer a dashboard showing in detail how your performance is evolving over time. Furthermore, you can listen back to your old calls to get additional insights.

How many phone calls can I have in a day with i2x?

As many as you like. Simply select the time period you'd like i2x to record all incoming and outgoing calls from and call away!

How much does it cost to use i2x as a business customer?

Contact our Director of Sales, Robby Horning at for a tailored business quote.

Is my data stored securely?

Yes. We take data security very seriously around here and use a layered security system and guarantee that your data is always stored in high=security data centers in Europe. Also, we comply with the GDPR.

Who is my data shared with?

Data is neither shared with your colleagues nor with anyone outside of your organization. Only your manager and/ or trainer gets access via analytics tools.

As a manager or trainer, is it possible to see details about my agents performance?

Yes. For managers and trainers, we offer a dashboard as well as email updates that enable you to keep track of your agents' development. As a result, i2x highlights individual strengths and weaknesses and enables you to conduct more targeted and effective trainings. However, for employee privacy reasons, there is also an option to keep the individual performances visible exclusively to the user while managers and trainer have access to aggregated data.

Do you offer live chat support?

Yes. If you need support, send our live chat a message on the bottom right of the screen and we'll do our best to help.

How can I contact i2x for support?

If you need any support, contact us at and someone in our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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