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Using AI to your advantage

How i2x works


As your communication tool, i2x enables you to record every call so you can listen back later


Analyze calls using a clever combination of machine learning algorithms, big data and advanced analytics


Receive feedback after every call so that you continuously improve your communication skills

Call history

Never lose a piece of information again - whenever you need to recall something that was said, visit your call history and listen back to your old calls

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i2x is for you

if you make important calls on a regular basis

Sales people

If you're all about convincing people, your communication is key. Whether you sell cars, insurance plans, loans or cakes, you only have one shot to seal a deal. i2x is there for you to make every call count.


As a consultant, you are usually the expert in the room. Transferring your knowledge efficiently is your passport to success. i2x helps you to optimize your communication, saving you time and effort.

Project Managers

We know that talking to multiple people on the go is exhausting. To make your life a bit easier, i2x helps you to get your message across straight away. No more misunderstandings and much less back and forth.


Communicating abstract ideas over the phone is always tricky. Often needing more than one phone call to get your vision across. Sound familiar? With i2x, bring your ideas across swiftly and concisely so you can focus on getting stuff done.

Unlock your full potential

be the best version of yourself on the phone

Sharpen your communication skills

by working on particular skills that need attention and maintaining those that work best for you over time

Shine a light on your speech habits

i2x is the trainer you never knew you needed - it shines a light on your speaking style and the effect that it has

Go back in time with ease

listening to your own calls is more motivating than you might think. Track your progress over time and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses

Upskill yourself

using i2x for better conversations


The blacklist feature keeps an ear out for your annoying speech habits. Tell i2x what words or phrases you’re trying to avoid and it will listen for these. By shining a spotlight on these, each call will be more efficient than the last.

Call characteristics

Use i2x to scan your calls to ensure that you are understandable to the other person. Your talk-to-listen ratio monitors your airtime during the call. Get your speech rate and volume just right, so that you get your message across.

Call history

Listen back to your old calls to recover information that you might need and see your communication improve with every call.

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Plug and play integration

i2x integrates seamlessly into your day

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On mobile

i2x is compatible with most VoIP and CRM systems and can be set up in less than 2 minutes! It helps to detect, record and analyze all incoming and outgoing calls automatically

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i2x for mobile detects incoming and outgoing calls automatically, so you don't even need to lift a finger to work on your communication skills!

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Built by machine learning, communication and sales experts

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