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Conversation training and analysis

i2x is your competitive advantage with every call

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The world's favorite companies count on i2x̅ when talking to customers

How i2x boosts your communication skills


As your communication companion, i2x enables you to record every call so you can listen back later


Each call is analyzed using a clever combination of machine learning algorithms, big data and communication know-how

Level up

Receive feedback straight after each call and level up your communication skills

Upskill yourself

using i2x for better conversations


The blacklist feature keeps an ear out for your annoying speech habits. Tell i2x what words or phrases you’re trying to avoid and it will listen for these. By shining a spotlight on these, each call will be more efficient than the last.

Call characteristics

Use i2x to scan your calls to ensure that you are understandable to the other person. Your talk-to-listen ratio monitors your airtime during the call. Get your speech rate and volume just right, so that you get your message across.

Call history

Listen back to your old calls to recover information that you might need and see your communication improve with every call.

i2x integrates seamlessly

whether you call from your computer or mobile

On desktop

On mobile

i2x is compatible with most VoIP and CRM systems and can be set up in less than 2 minutes! It helps to detect, record and analyze all incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

Get i2x

i2x for mobile detects incoming and outgoing calls automatically, so you don't even need to lift a finger to work on your communication skills!

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find out how the i2x effect is helping others

Since we implemented i2x, my agents make less obvious mistakes. I now spend less time spotting and correcting minor mistakes and can focus on coaching sales strategies.


Sales Team Lead

I now make calls more confidently and cold-calling people to grow my small business is way less scary now!


Found of Bunting & Ballooons

My biggest win from i2x was better reflecting on my speech habits and how I can better solve the problems that my customers come to me with. My customer satisfaction scores have skyrocketed!


Customer Service Hero

Since using i2x, I can rest assured that every agent is able to upskill themselves without lifting a finger!


VP of Sales

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Whether you work as a team or independently

i2x empowers everyone to reach their full potential

for teams

i2x enables agents to continuously learn from their colleagues, improve themselves and identify patterns that lead to successful calls with customers

i2x for teams

for individuals

From estate agents to event planners, i2x gives meaningful insights into each call and allows everyone to better communicate on the phone

i2x for individuals

i2x is your competitive advantage

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Laurenz Bornemann

Head of Sales

Secure early access now

and be one of the first to optimize your business calls

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to learn how i2x helps you boost your KPIs

for individuals

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