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Conversation training for teams

Make every call count - Optimize your customer interaction with AI

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How i2x works

with you to upskill your entire team


As your communication tool, i2x enables you to record every call so you can listen back later


Analyze calls using a clever combination of machine learning algorithms, big data and the experiences of your colleagues


Receive feedback after every call so that your team continuously improves and enhances each customer's experience

Collective intelligence

Automatically recognize what works best with your particular customers and share these data-backed best practices across teams

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Plug and play integration

i2x integrates seamlessly into most system architectures

On desktop

On mobile

i2x is compatible with most VoIP and CRM systems and can be set up in less than 2 minutes! It helps to detect, record and analyze all incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

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i2x for mobile detects incoming and outgoing calls automatically, so you don't even need to lift a finger to work on your communication skills!

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Benefits all stakeholders

we empower everyone to reach their full potential

For Agents

As an agent in sales or customer service you can stay ahead of the game by using i2x to improve your communication skills - giving you a competitive advantage through daily training in every call

  • increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • feel more confident during calls
  • gain instant feedback
  • receive continuous training
  • listen to objective evaluation
  • take advantage of actionable advice
  • Schedule appointment
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For Supervisors

We know how hard it is to train your agents as often as you’d like. Think of i2x as a tool to enhance the impact you have on your agent’s learning curve. They’ll receive tailored training, even when you’re not around!

  • amplify your training efforts
  • shorten the onboarding period
  • increase agent retention
  • ensure your company is represented in the way that you want
  • take old calls as examples in training sessions
  • use data to learn what works for your customers
  • Schedule appointment
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For Managers

i2x gives managers a window into the world of customer interactions. It better equips your agents to lead successful calls, giving you the peace of mind that your customers are better catered to

  • improve crucial KPIs (conversion rate and C-Sat score)
  • automatically A/B test your strategies
  • decrease agent churn
  • enforce new communication practices quickers
  • shorted onboarding processes
  • gain transparency on all your customer interactions
  • Schedule appointment
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For Customers

i2x ensures that the customer’s needs are central to every call. By using i2x, customers will benefit from positive conversations with the upskilled agents they are speaking with

  • create strengthened relationships
  • ensure audible and clear conversations
  • foster efficient problem solving
  • have friendly interactions
  • assure unified communication
  • establish a stronger brand
  • Schedule appointment
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Upskill yourself

using i2x for better conversations

Don't Say

The Don't Say list keeps an ear out for your annoying speech habits. Tell i2x what words or phrases you’re trying to avoid and it will listen for these. By shining a spotlight on these, each call will be more efficient than the last.

Call characteristics

Use i2x to scan your calls to ensure that you are understandable to the other person. Your talk-to-listen ratio monitors your airtime during the call. Get your speech rate and volume just right, so that you get your message across.

Call history

Listen back to your old calls to recover information that you might need and see your communication improve with every call.

Add i2x to your toolbox

and leverage your KPIs


In sales, you only have one shot to seal a deal. To make it count, i2x helps sales teams to close as many deals as possible. The communication trainer ensures clear communication patterns and makes the most of the time spent in each call.

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  • close more deals
  • shorten the sales cycle
  • exploit up and cross-selling opportunities
  • never lose a lead again
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Customer service

Your customer's' satisfaction hangs in the balance of every call. It’s crucial that their needs are put first. i2x ensures professional communication in every situation, so that your customers’ problems are solved right away.

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  • strengthen your reputation
  • make customers happier
  • decrease handling time
  • reduce agent turnover
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Hear what our customers have to say

find out how the i2x effect is helping others

With i2x, less obvious mistakes are made. I spend less time spotting and correcting minor mistakes for those that use it and can focus on coaching sales strategies. Using i2x has multiplied my impact and I recommend it to many clients that I work with

Emanuel Albert

Communication Trainer at Emanuel Albert Communication Training

i2x has been really helpful with knowing where my strengths and weaknesses lie in phone calls. I can see myself improving already and having phone calls that leave me and the customer more satisfied.


Customer Service Agent at Treatwell

It’s amazing what you guys are working on. The blacklist feature is perfect. I can really see it helping not only sales but also my operations and customer support team. Looking forward to making it operational among the entire company

Sascha Weiler

Founder at Homebell

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