We revolutionise your phone calls with AI

We revolutionize your telephone calls in real-time

Real-time speech recognition

We record all calls and deliver real-time transcripts. The recording is carried out using a GDPR compliant anonymization procedure.


We offer comprehensive quality and performance analysis for all calls with instantly available post-call analytics and automated reports.

Real-time support

Our digital real-time coach supports every agent live in every conversation. This increases coaching efficiency by more than 50% and guarantees sustainably improved quality and speed in customer communication.

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You profit on every level



Your agents gain confidence with the support of the digital real-time coach. They receive direct feedback and continuous support, live in every call.



By using the i2x solution, agent onboarding is faster and your team leads receive immediate recommendations for training and coaching.



Basic training for customer service representatives is significantly shortened. Conversion rates increase and employee retention is enhanced.