Environmental Damages

Shortening the training period for new employees

Products used

i2x Assistant

Real-time coaching & real-time feedback

The training period for new employees is reduced by up to 50%


Floods, Mudflows, heavy rain, hail or drought – extreme weather conditions are on the rise. This doesn’t only apply to the frequency but also to the intensity of the events as well as the extent of the affected areas.

In such an exceptional situation, a personal approach is as important to the policyholder as is the transparent and quick clarification of the necessary steps to meeting the costs.

“In exceptional situations, a personal approach is equally important as a transparent and rapid clarification.”


Due to the high call volume, capacities of customer service representatives (agents) have to be expanded at short notice. The decisive competitive advantage lies in making these employees ready for deployment quickly and at a high level of quality.


i2x offers an AI-based real-time coach for every customer service representative in every call. Our distraction-free desktop application competently guides your agents through the call and ensures that important points in the data collection are asked correctly. Moreover, i2x’s digital real-time coach works with keywords, which you can specify in advance for specific use cases.

A long training and coaching phase can be considerably shortened. Your customer service representatives become ready-to-go professionals with minimal time and effort.

Furthermore, every call is transcribed and analyzed in real-time. Comprehensive information is available in a detailed and structured manner. This objective data enables continuous improvements in employee coaching and provides indispensable insights for quality assurance.